1-2-1 Yoga Sessions with Yoga Rose

One to one lessons are a focused way of learning yoga and is the traditional way that yoga is taught in India

Rose Ann will select yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques for your individual needs, where you will start to feel better from your very first session.

Each session is all about you and what you want to achieve,

be it

  • restorative
  • weight loss
  • dynamic
  • stress relieving
  • aches and pains orientated.

You will learn under the guidance of Rose Ann, you could then potentially begin your own personal yoga practice at home or continue with Rose Ann weekly or periodically

1-2-1 sessions can be used as a gentle introduction to help beginners on their yoga journey or perhaps you might have an injury or health issue you would like to address.

Prices are £45 per 90mins. We can arrange for a lesson for up to three students, at an additional £15 to £20

1-2-1 Yoga Sessions
1-2-1 Yoga Sessions
Yoga Rose 1-2-1 lessons
Yoga Rose 1-2-1 Sessions

If you are interested in 1-2-1 Yoga Sessions

Please complete the form and I will call you to arrange your time and sessions

Please,tell me the best time to contact you by phone if provided.